We certify solar energy professionals

The solar energy sector is a growing industry where the quality of installations can vary. To ensure a high quality of installations, Svensk Solenergi (Swedish Solar Energy Association) offers certification to installer professionals. Therefore, by choosing a member organization of Svensk Solenergi with certified installers, you are assured that a safe work environment is in place, and that the installation is well-executed.

Solar Installation – is your installer certified?

There are explicit regulations for installing solar cells, including building permits, registration of the installation, self-audit of electrical works, and a required plan for the work environment. However, despite these regulations, every fourth electrical installation is performed by companies and persons not registered with the National Electrical Safety Board nor registered in a company’s self-audit scheme.

We want to acknowledge certified installers who can prove their skills and knowledge required for quality installations. Individuals with a valid certification can use this certification mark:

The way certification works

Certification by Svensk Solenergi requires a passed exam and verified practical experience and competency by a previous or current employer. The verification is given when registering the candidate. The theoretic exam has a time limit of 60 minutes and is carried out on Svensk Solenergi’s web-based platform which can be accessed at any time. Candidates can take the exam up to 5 times and must have a minimum of 70% correct answers to receive a passing score. The questions are not distributed before the exam.

The exam covers topics relevant to solar installer professionals. It consists of 50 randomly selected questions sourced from our question database covering the following areas:

· Work environment and safety

· Product knowledge and DC design

· Mechanical attachments and fittings, ballast systems, and roof design

· Electrical installation laws and regulations

· Other topics include self-audit schemes, documentation, electrical safety, laying cables, connectors, and mounting systems

If a candidate challenges the examinations questions and answers after the exam, a technical committee (see below) resolves issues about the scoring.

The questions in the exam are based on the SIS manual, ”Handbok för montering av utanpåliggande solpaneler på yttertak” * SIS HB 537, 2021, and related documents, including SEK Handbok 457 Solceller. We recommend studying these two publications before the exam.



New candidates are reviewed and uploaded to the exam platform about once a week. If several employees want to take the exam at the same time, please let us know in advance so that we have time to give them all access. With a passing score, it takes around one additional week for us to confirm the certification.

Notification about approved certification is sent out via email directly to the participant. If the candidate has passed the exam, the installer’s name will be included in the list of certified installers on our website. No physical/paper certificate is provided, but each certified individual has a unique ID which is provided upon request. You can check a person’s certification on this web page.


Training and experience requirements

There are no formal requirements for certification, but we recommend taking the exam earliest after working three to six months as an installer. You may have trained and gained experience in different ways, such as through employment or education with a longer internship. A supervising colleague must verify the candidates experience and competency in the application form when registering him or her for certification. Verification should primarily be done by a current or previous employer. In the case of extended practical

training, the trainer can verify your experience. To validate the applicant’s experience, some of the documentation is randomly selected for review after the theoretical exam.

Validity of Certification

The certification is valid for 5 years after the date of issuance, and only the certified installer may use the credential. Recertification is required after the certificate has expired

How much does it cost?

Members of Svensk Solenergi are offered reduced prices for certification. Please be sure to choose the right alternative when registering a candidate.

1. Certification is free for all employees of companies who are members of Svensk Solenergi.

2. For those not employed by a member organization, but have undergone preparatory education through a company which is a member of Svensk Solenergi, the cost is SEK 3 000 (ex VAT)*

3. For those employed by a subsidiary of a company which is a member of Svensk Solenergi, the cost is SEK 3 000 (ex VAT)

4. For those employed by a non-member, the cost of certification is the non-reduced price of SEK 7 000 (ex VAT)

To register your installers and approve payment, if applicable, please follow the link here.


*Education companies that are members of the association and can show that a person has completed their training (for which the office has seen and approved the curriculum) may offer the certification to non-members for SEK 3,000. This is provided that the educator can verify that the person has taken their course with passing results and manages some administration regarding the certification of their students.

Do you have questions about the certification?

Contact Ludvig Bydén +46 70–359 06 99

Who approves the certification?

If there are disagreements regarding the provided answers to the questions after the completion of the exam, it is our technical committee that makes the final decision.

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