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Eurosun 2016 – Palma, Mallorca


ISES, AEDES and the University of the Balearic Islands are pleased to announce the 2016 edition of EuroSun, the ISES European solar energy congress.


Thermal demands on buildings and industrial processes account for one of the largest energy consumptions worldwide.  As the energy supply chain shifts to a more sustainable model, a number of issues arise, such as “What would be the future energy mix for those sectors?”, “Would in-situ energy production take a significant share of that mix?”, or “How will the variability of the renewable sources be managed? “

In any case, solar energy, in any of its forms, is called to play a key role in the future supply of such demands. With a quickly evolving market, options that just ten years ago were regarded as non-feasible, like the use of PV for thermal applications, the construction of net zero energy buildings, the operation ofsolar district heating networks or the generalized use of solar energy for industrial processes are now regarded as promising options under different phases of development.

Här hittar du hela programmet och här finns EuroSun 2016.



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