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Our vision

Our vision is for individuals and companies to have access to solar energy in an efficient, smart, and economical way, where Swedish solar energy companies should be among the leading ones in Europe. Together we contribute to the green energy shift where it is easy to live on renewable energy.

Solar energy should account for at least ten percent of the total energy use and energy production in Sweden within the near future. We believe that this is not an unrealistic goal. It is what is required for the planet and us humans that live on it.

International articles and reports

Fourty land-based solar energy parks will be build in the southern parts of Sweden.

Anna Werner, CEO of Svensk Solenergi, calls in a guest article for better price signals for solar power in Sweden and other European countries.

Download the latest IEA-PVPS-report of the Swedish solar market.

CEO Anna Werner in interview about our vision (with English subtitles)

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  • Svensk Solenergi represents and monitors the interests of the industry through meetings with decision-makers, authorities and institutions.
  • We promote industry development in collaboration with actors from all parts of society.
  • We participate on behalf of our member companies in the development of standards.
  • We form opinions through, among other things, debate articles at local, regional and national level.
  • We also contribute in various contexts with expertise to raise the general level of knowledge about solar energy.

We represent,
develop and
form opinions.

Our membership levels


SEK 6,600

A copper membership with us is the most affordable option for smaller companies that have solar energy as their main business focus.


SEK 11,000

A bronze membership can be compared to a support membership. It presents an affordable option for smaller businesses.


SEK 22,000

A silver membership with Svensk Solenergi is an affordable alternative. In addition you receive an increased exposure on our website.


SEK 27,500

A gold membership at Svensk Solenergi is the standard package and it is the most common choice.


SEK 55,000

As a platinum member at Svensk Solenergi, you receive all the best that we offer. In addition you receive an increased exposure on our website and in our external communication.

Why solar energy?

Most people today are aware that the Earth's resources are running out and that the climate is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that does not run out. Choosing the power of the sun is a step in the right direction for both humanity and the environment.

The choice of solar energy is also economically sustainable due to reduced electricity costs, storage options and self-sufficiency. Our member companies stand for quality and are a given choice when it is time to take the step and install solar energy.

If the information on this home page was not enough to make you apply for membership, have a chat with our CEO, Anna Werner. Here you can schedule a meeting with her.